Michael Porter

Hello All,

I appreciate the Sustainability Leadership article.  We have a new CEO and I now recognize he is using the principals discussed so, this is timely for me.  A sense of buy in and ownership can already be seen amongst the leadership team that is filtering among the rest of the staff.  I struggle with the statement by Lewin and Regine – “leaders need to move beyond setting and organizational vision and mobilizing around it.”  I come form many years of involvement with organizations that have emphasized the importance of having a vision to work toward.  The vision is something for people to buy into and bring what they have to offer.

Having said that, I am beginning to learn already from our new CEO, that the vision that is set is fluid.  As people interact and ideas are shared with respect to the vision, the organization evolves.  As the this happens, the vision may change and it comes from those involved.  This for me is what establishes by in and ownership, which makes a health and prosperous organization.

I also appreciate what complexity scientists contend.  “The world is not knowable, systems are not predictable, and living systems cannot be force along a linear trajectory toward a predetermined future,” but there are best practices that have been tested through time and do work.  I see the “predetermined future” to be like a vision.

With regard to the “Myth busters”, I believe they are right on.  I refer to my previous comment that the vision is important, but is to be fluid and flows with the evolvement of the organization.  Our new CEO keeps the vision our there for us while at the same time is willing to allow that vision to change as he listens to people within the organization.  “Leaders are destabilizers” goes along with my thinking that growth happens when things seem to be in disarray and people move out side of comfort zones, because brainstorming and new things are tried.  This can “encourage novelty and amplify actions.”  For this to happen there needs to be an environment where it is okay to make a mistake or fail as long as there is discussion of why what happened did.  This opens the door for new things.

I will end for now.