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@Chaplain Brinker

Joy, Thank you for the clarification. Previously, Chaplains have been pastors with a seminary degree and the support of the Bishop to serve in this setting.They may or may not have had CPE experience. It is hard to access the practice of former chaplains… This non profit has two residential campuses.
At the other campus they recently hired a BC chaplain who came from a clinical hospital experience base. She is have an “adjustment” to this new context.
I don’t believe that BCC is a new credential standard they are looking for. The company also operates three LIFE centers. These are income qualified, single point of service, day facility for seniors who return home at night. Pennsylvania calls this federal program LIFE, other states usually go by PACE. In one of our life centers there is a paid chaplain. Another uses a series of volunteers. The third has none. I have reached out in person several times to our CEO, the Director of the LIFE program asking to talk about the value of spiritual care / chaplains in order to look at the quality of service we are providing. So far they have not made time to meet with me. David