Michael Porter

Thanks for the resources David.  I look forward to reading them.

I agree with what you allude to – what is valued is where money goes.  The corporation that owns our system says that the focus is on the patients and their safety.  However, there seems to be push back when dollars are involved and we are expected to do more with less.  I know longer do the budget for my department so, there getting things through is more difficult.  We have a passionate and committed management team and staff who do the right thing for the people they care for.  I spend time hearing their frustration and support them in what they do the best I can.

On another note, a resource I use for free material is Guideposts.  I get multiple copies of Guideposts every month to give to patients.  They also have pamphlets that I used to get multiple copies of for free.  If you have not looked into it, they have some good stuff at not cost.

Things got away from me today and I was not able to share thoughts on the Sustainability article.  I hope to do so tomorrow.

Until then, I bid you peace.