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Joy Freeman


You reflected on how negative your description of your setting was.  I would say, there is a difference between being negative and being critically truthful.  I see your description of your setting as being critically truthful.  The hospital setting and understanding of importance of interdisciplinary team is different I think than the continuing care setting, so I’m not sure how applicable my experience might be.  I can say I started finding the more complete integration happen when I began more intentionally interacting on a one-on-one more personal level with the staff.  As they got to know and trust me with their own stuff and experience all I had to offer, they then began to trust me with their patients too.  I wish I had thoughts for you on the administrative end, being a “worker bee” I have not really had a place at the table there, it has always been my supervisors having those conversations.

Any how, I do hear the seemingly eternal frustration of not being more integrated.  I remember feeling that same thing when I first started here.


I wonder, what is the history of chaplains at your place – have they always been professional board certified chaplains or is that something new?  I wonder if there might be some aha’s to be found in the institutions history with chaplains.