Rick Underwood

David, Joy, Rose and others,

Thank you for your introductions. One of the great things about taking part in these Oates seminars it that it enables me and us to get to know peers from across the country.  Our discussions almost always take us places we don’t expect to go.  I suspect this one will not be an exception.

David, after pastoring for years where you were the leader to serving as a chaplain with a multidisciplinary team is a change.  However, my experience is that as you build relationships of trust with those team members that your strategic ideas about how to improve the lives of the residents will be welcome.

Joy, it sounds like the changes in leadership in your organizations has put you in a strategic position to have a positive influence on your system.  Again, as you supervisory learns to trust your credibility the more input you will have.  I am curious, what is Taijifit?

Rose, you are the epidemy of a life long learning.  Even though management may not have been your skill set, your wisdom and willingness to learn from others ensure that ideas about the future development of the department will be invaluable.

I look forward to others’ introductions. We will finish our introductions here. I will begin a “Forum” link where we will have our first weeks discussion. We have two articles to consider this week.  The first is very basic and traditional in its discussion of things from a business perspective that is helpful to remember in establishing or expanding a spiritual care presence. The second is a “hard” read unless you are familiar with systems thinking and terminology.  It is meant as a provocative way of thinking about strategic leadership.  I am interested in hearing your thoughts on whether or not some of this can be helpful in your system.