Rose McKeown

Hi Rick, David and Joy! I am Rose McKeown and am chaplain at Taylorville Memorial Hospital in Taylorville, Il. For ten years I was manager of this two-person department. I never felt confident in the manager role and asked to step down several years ago. I now have the title of Lead Chaplain and it is just myself and one per diem chaplain. We did not replace the part-time chaplain who retired last August. We are a critical access hospital with capacity for 25 beds but our average census is about 16-17 beds with most of them being ‘swing’ beds…people there for rehab. I work part-time-four days a week and looking at retiring in two years when I turn 75-years old!!! I’m seeing that they may change the model of pastoral care that we have now and move to having Pastors from the area help take on-call. I could be wrong in that but it is what I am feeling. I signed up for this seminar hoping to learn more of what leaders in health systems are looking for. I was planning on being more of an observer than a participant. We’ll see how that goes as we procede.

Good to meet both of you. We have been in seminars together before! David and I just finished one! Rick is the faithful one helping us all!