Wally Plock

WOW.  The Daniel Bagby video was meaty and accessible.

I appreciated that he was able to outline his book chapter by chapter in about 30 minutes.

I really got the flavor of his point (s).   The source of our tears is very important.

I tried to remember times I cried for the topic given.  Some memories came easier than others.

I want to list the types of tears here so as to help me remember them:  Anger, confession/guilt/shame, failure, fatigue, fears, frustration (lack of control,) gratitude/joy, loneliness, manipulation, pain, multiple griefs/ and where there are no tears.  The story of the 7 year old crying with her friend whose mother died was precious.  Sitting with and in silence is something I have to continually work at.

Daniel mentioned how some of the tears come from a physiological place, some from an emotional/psychological place, some from a spiritual place.  I never really thought about the different types of tears that I have cried.  He outlines them so well and now my own tears have a framework for ministry to others.  He quotes Mr. Wayne Oates, “Can you tell me more?”  He encourages us as care givers to help people release their tears so their soul can be released.


He mentioned the sacred offering of tears related to confession/guilt/ sense of shame.  The woman who anointed Jesus feet with her hair and tears, the woman caught in adultery in Mel Gibson’s the passion of the Christ  comes to mind.