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I have so appreciated the honest reflection and sharing of experiences. You have been so invested and supportive.  Thank you each one for sharing your stories and heart.  Thank you!

I appreciated page 95 in the Listening…. “The greatest difficulty in listening is what listeners will do with the emotions and information that come to their consciousness while other persons are telling their stories.”   Those emotions are a challenge!  I had a family who lost all in a recent hurricane and was now ill.  So hard not to get caught in the emotions of their situation.  I think I was able to give good care with reflections and perception check.  Thank you for reminding me about the skills of good listeners!

In the primer, I was intrigued by the image of the innkeeper (page 90) as someone to refer patients.  I was intrigued with the image of “helping a traveler in need” as we care for persons we encounter, as us as innkeepers.   I guess it is similar to the image of hospitality in our work–creating the atmosphere and conversation for caring conversations to take place.  (I remember playing the innkeeper in an elementary age Sunday School play!!  Hard to tell Mary and Joseph there was no room!!)

And then on the same page, the extra look at the Good Samaritan.  We rarely hear or think that the Samaritan apart from the man on the side of the road.  I am still thinking about the Samaritan’s full journey.  Another example of the Great Commission’s …As you are going….  The Samaritan gave as he could as he was going.  But he still completed his original journey.  I guess, I’m reminded to look for opportunities to care along the way, but having a journey and direction (or organized visitation plan) is good caring presence, too.

Blessings to you and yours!!  Thank you again for giving of yourself in this online conversation!!