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Wally Plock


I am saddened at the death of your friend and thank you for the affirmation.

David.  Thanks for your thorough thoughts in catching up.  How brave for your daughter to come out to you with all of her fears.  How loving for you to make a public vow of commitment/covenant. I appreciate your own honesty about the complexity of gay and heterosexual attractions.

As I read through various responses, I see that we all desire to be present to others and to better at being present to others and are aware of our own frailties and how those frailties help us to be better. I also see the mysterious presence of the Holy Spirit, the third chair is a good example, as we endeavor to discern what ois really going on.  At the nursing home I am privileged to be able to build relationships, but it can also be a struggle.  I have one elder who is often anxious and if I just let her talk and emote about her troubles she seems to spiral downward.  If I attempt to challenge her thinking to focus more on the positive, she seems to be doing it to please me.  I am endeavoring to give her appropriate time within boundaries as her need for company and constant assurance is beyond by ability to give.

Dave this statement you made seems tailor fit for my elder friend, <span style=”color: #737373; font-family: Lato; font-size: 12px;”>Hope and help can come when a person is able to discover a new meta story for their life and move away from a negative self-image narrative toward one that is more life giving and affirming.</span>

Where and how can I help her find hope?