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Week Two: Continued
Listening Caring Skills Chapter 8
p.95 I have also used the concept of the meta story where listening to people over a long period of time in the nursing care setting. In general a believe meta story is an overarching story that may be told with differing details or setting, but it defines what given definition or meaning to a person’s self understanding. Nations and culture’s often have meta stories. I find that a person may have a present relationship with past events in life which provide the framework to self understanding, world view, attitudes, presumptions, meaning and hope. Hope and help can come when a person is able to discover a new meta story for their life and move away from a negative self-image narrative toward one that is more life giving and affirming. My early meta story was largely formed by my experience in my family of origin. Growth has come in my life by being able to believe a different story of who I am.

The chart on this page appeals to me, giving more ways to think about what kind of story I am hearing or telling.

I am very excited by the section on Counterstory. I recognize how counter story is relater to counter transference in counseling. It has occurred to me that part of the power of scripture is that it speaks to use at times through this means. We may understand historical context, and generally accepted meaning of a passage. But then on reading the same familiar passage it speaks to a depth in us, telling a new (counter) story than the one we have always read there or the one we use to tell our self, “This is what that means.” Suddenly, we find it has a new power or meaning for us. For me this is part of the inner working of the Holy Spirit.