Rose McKeown

Trusting in God’s guidance, we realize that the encounter is not by chance but by design.’ Several times I’ve been rounding and encountered someone say “I was just going to call you. How did you know we needed you?” Truly, thankful for God’s prompting to be of help and service.” How true this is! I am in a Bible Study group and this past month we talked about “God Winks”. This would be one of those “God Winks”

Also appreciated your story of receiving pastoral care when your husband went into cardiac arrest. How scary that must have been How the faith community was there for him and you and all the family. And how the nurses there saw God at work in them and all of you as they see your husband as the ‘miracle man’

And, I agree with you that we need both Marthas and Marys in caregiving! Sometimes we are called to be one and sometimes the other.