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Rose McKeown

Thank you Rick for your profound and honesy sharing. I really appreciate how you are able to reflect on your learnings from these books that we are reading. You are right-it is a lot of reading but all of it is important. I may have been introduced to some of these active listening skills way back in CPE but have not really consciously used them over the years. So, I am grateful for this re-introduction to walk back through these specific skills of active listening so that I can be a truly caring presence for those I encounter each day. I won’t learn all these skills in these three weeks but it is a beginning

I am a little behind.  Had a close friend die early this morning and I have her funeral this Saturday.  I did post my reflections for week 2 and right now am trying to respond to everyone else’s responses.  Then, tomorrow thru Sunday I hope to reflect on week three and respond to other’s reflections.  Hope this makes sense.  I am understanding that week three does not end until next Monday.  Am I right on this?
“That bit of distance allows us to provide a nonanxious presence while the other explores the depths of their soul journeys.” So true! A patient shared that she felt healing as a she experienced a pastoral care visit because “I was able to talk about what was on my mind…” In pastoral care we provide an open, safe, listening space with time to hear what is really bothering the person. How we listen and what we listen for is what both of our books is refreshing for us.