Wally Plock


I appreciate your sensitive and keen insights.  You seem to have a gentle yet strong, slow rhythm as you come along side people–not rushed, but with purpose and patience.  Your quote “…but there is no greater mission in life than to walk another human being home to God…” recognizes the holiness of our work.

It strikes me sometimes how many people are there when I go to a funeral for someone who has been in my nursing home

Why weren’t they visiting in the nursing home?

Well maybe they were when I wasn’t there.  Or maybe closer to the truth,) God knows how hard and uncomfortable it is watching people suffer and die, so he calls and gifts a few special ones like us to enter in and come along side.  We each can only operate in the gifting and grace we receive.  My judginess towards those who don’t visit is softened as I realize they are girted in other ways and probably do things I would find challenging.