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Wally Plock


Again thank you for your self observations and how your experience with silence at your mom’s death prepares you to help others at the time of death.  “Jesus wept,” a summary that our life involves suffering, grief and meaningful attachments.

Accept the other person as He of She is. p. 30 (chapter 2, Primer, The Grammar of Care.) This has been the hardest yet most freeing element of my CPE interfaith education.  As a born again Christian, part of my calling is to make disciples.  As a chaplain, my role is to accept unconditionally and not proselytize.  Once I let go of having to fit people into a prearranged box and let them just be who they are and listen to their story and come along side them I found I was much more compassionate and I think I heard more of people’s inner pain, struggles and occasionally joy.  It is not that I don’t desire to have people know Jesus the way I know him, but it is more being comfortable knowing that He knows them completely and loves them completely and walks at their pace.  He speaks their language and I love the synchronistic moments when people can recognize God is speaking to them.

This often takes place in the subtext.

“It is listening to others’ words, hearing between the lines, and being open to both a spoken text and unspoken subtext. It involves reading between the lines.” p. 31.