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Finally finished reading assignments.  Wow! where were these books when I was doing CPE?  I was so new–coming to chaplaincy from denominational program consulting was the same but just seemed so different at the time.

Thank you for making us aware of the resources!

I think I appreciated page 23 in the Primer–I especially wished someone had told me It’s okay to have anxiety and fear in learning.  I’d felt it, but was one of the areas I pushed aside.  I knew it would be painful and unfamiliar, but identifying the fear and anxiety.  I too busy trying to prove myself.  Wow–what a difference 20 years makes!

How am I gifted? I feel my consistency,   commitment, willingness to walk in somewhere or some situation (with fear) but just willingness to be in the midst–and act if I can, or not act if I cannot.  Hospitality for staff I feel is my strength.  Taking the time to appreciate each in the midst of busyness–yesterday I took a bag of chocolate and just handed them to everyone I saw.  Yes, cost me a little financially, but seeing the delight of acknowledgement on the faces was a gift to me and I believe to them.

Chapter 1 of the Listening and Caring Skills, I read those and said, yes, yes, yes… Okay, now to remember to use them. That’s my goal for Friday!

Off to our main campus for our Children’s Memorial Service–will work on week 2….