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Wally Plock

Rose.  thank you for sharing the beginning and scope of you ministry in such a concise yet informative way.

I like what you said about God drawing with crooked lines.

I survived the first big snow of the Northeast and got back to work this morning.  There is one quote from the first chapter that I want to share on the bottom of p. 19.  “Most often, acts of pastoral care are simple one.”  Simply showing up, holding a hand, sitting with, stopping by, listening, offering a prayer, making a phone call, getting the family some food or coffee.  I think of Jesus teaching about the importance of giving a cup of water.  I just got off the phone with a man whose 90 year old mother died quite quickly this past weekend.  His mother and I and a group of women said the Rosary together many Monday afternoons.  Hail Mary full of Grace.