Jaci Owen

Hello, this is Jaci Owen.  I have been married to Rudy for 35 years and we have two sons, Dave and Andy.  We also have 2 grandchildren, Zoe and Natalie.  I have worked as a dental hygienist for 37 years and hoping to retire before the end of this year.

I was raised in the Presbyterian church.  Although, I had been very active in the first church Rudy and I belonged to, it wasn’t until I came to St. John that I took on leadership roles.  Here I became a Deacon, an Elder and on the board member for the Great Banquet.  As much as I feel moved to serve, I feel that I lack the training to be able to reach out to those who are homebound, in hospitals or nursing homes.  I hope to feel more comfortable with visitations.

I have had limited pastoral care.  My first attempt at opening up to my minister turned out poorly as he was not gifted as a shephard.  Several years ago I was counseled by a previous minister who I felt was not truly there for me.  Of course, I should have known that he had a plan and was helping to direct me in the right direction.