Wally Plock

Thank you for your affirmative response.

Being aware that it is a possibility helps.  Remembering to listen with my feet (If my toes are pointed towards the person, I’m usually present.  If my toes are pointing toward the door and only my head is leaning in, then I’m usually not present.  The star fish story also helps.  If you don’t know it, I’ll gladly share it.  One of my chaplain colleagues from Hospice also told me to do a quick spiritual and emotional cleansing after a visit.  Offer it to God and leave it behind so as to be fresh for the next visit.  A priest friend uses the image of a sponge.  During a visit, we absorb all the emotion, struggle, pain, etc from the person and then squeeze it out to the Lord.

Retreating to the office and/or chapel to chart or pray after an hour or two of visitation is also helpful.

Thanks for asking