Rick Underwood

Wally, Kathy and all,

Welcome to the seminar and this discussion board.  Kathy, I’m not that I remembered that this is an interim gig for you.  Do you hope it turns into a permanent position?  Your years of experience in life and work will be a rich addition to our learning together. Kathy, how is your husband doing?  Didn’t he have some health issues a while back?

Wally, I agree that an emphasis on life long learning is a must for everyone but especially those of us who are called to enter into traumatic, chronic and intense experiences of others’ pain and suffering.

What strikes me about your introduction is the wide range of experiences in your faith journey.  Nazarene, Methodist, and Episcopal faith traditions tend to range along the theological continuum from conservative to more progressive in my experience.  I wonder how that journey has helped or hampered your journey as a chaplain.  How old is Caleb?