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Rick Underwood

Thanks, David for your reflections and to Rose for the clarification about the typing here.  First, I am glad your healing has gone well since your neck injury.  The vignette you shared tragically happens way too often.  While I am inclined always to think people are doing the best they can, there are so many folks that either because of a lack of training, lack of empathy, or because of haste, say and do things that are not helpful.  I regret that this person missed the opportunity to be a caring presence to you.  Unfortunately or fortunately we are able to learn from these experiences for the good of others. Thanks for sharing.

You second caring presence encounter demonstrates you respect, care, and willingness to listen and respond empathetically.  If we could talk with this lady, I suspect she would report filling better as a result of your visit.

On a lighter note, your brief verbatim report reminds me of the hundreds I wrote during my CPE days.  As you reflect on the account, I wonder how you felt about the encounter, what you were feeling, and what the theological significance of the visit was? I raise these questions because they illustrate some of the kinds of things we will be discussing going forward.