Nancy Eiten

Hello everyone-

My name is Nancy Eiten (married to Chuck) -mother of those same 2 kids (lol).  I have been working in the finance dept at Fireking International for the past 5 years.   At St. John’s I am in the handbell choir, am a Sunday School teacher for the younger children, and this past year accepted to be the chair for the Christian Education committee.

Outside of church I am on the board of Christian Formation Ministries, and volunteer at My Club and Camp David.   We strive to help heal the hurts of children with incarcerated parents with the hopes that they will understand and know how valuable and loved they are,  and will break out of the self destructive cycle so many of their parents are in. We also try to help give them social skills and life lessons that most are not getting at home.   Christian Formation Ministries also has chaplains that go into the jails, and we are starting a family “re entry” program as a way to help families navigate through the many issues that arise when a parent is released and they are reunited.   There are times when I am at My Club that I am just not sure how to best  address the kids hurts and problems.   I also struggle with what to say when I have to break up fights between some of the kids.

I have also just  started a small business (Jolly Good Scents) from a long time hobby of making candles and scented products.  My hope is that the business will grow enough to allow me to quit my current job and  employ people who need a second chance and perhaps a bit more patience.  People who need a caring presence.    I also have an idea for a fund raising business for non profits that I hope to launch this year with the same goal in mind.   I also really enjoy being outdoors and gardening, or just taking a walk in nature.

I am looking forward to learning some much needed skills!