Wally Plock

Hi All

Grace and Peace.  I appreciate the Association of Professional Chaplains commitment to a “never stop learning” core value.  The accountability helps me learn new things and meet new people. I recently turned 60 and have been  a chaplain since 1988.

*1988-1998 Full time Chaplain to youth in detention at La Salle School, Albany, NY

*1998-2013 Part time chaplain to youth in detention at various residential treatment facilities in the Albany, NY area.

*1998-2012 Jr./Sr. High School Bible teacher at Loudonville Christian School.

*2012-2014 Full time CPE resident at Albany Medical Center (9.5 CPE hours total.)

*2015-present  Full time Chaplain at the Our Lady of Mercy Life Center Nursing Home near Albany, NY.

*Board Certified in 2016.

*Raised United Methodist, born again in 1976, became an ordained Wesleyan Minister after attending the Nazarene Theological Seminary in KC,MO and recently transferred my ordination to the Episcopal Church and now serve there as a Deacon.

*Raised in Batavia, NY–Married Ellen Jones in 1984, have four wonderful children and a new grandson (Caleb Walter.)