Dar Bessler

Greetings everyone,

I wanted to say that I appreciate getting to know you all better.  Chuck, my father was and my brother is a ham operator. My father did civil service on Halloween night in Valparaiso. Robin, thank you for sharing your hard stuff that God has helped you go through.  I did not know you were a Physical Therapist.  Which helps feeling more comfortable around hospitals and such, as I find that true since I was a registered nurse for almost 30yrs. I even did some home health nursing in Chicago which was challenging but made me comfortable going in strange places.

I did not give my hobbies which are playing board and card games, work outside, walk and exercise.  I was not raised in church but found church on my own.  I started as Baptist and the move about.  I joined St. John last year and also became a Deacon.  I love helping the church any way I can.

After reading the Primer chapter one, I feel better about this course. We are all on this journey to be Christ’s Ambassadors, and we are not perfect. As example from many years ago, when my distant cousin lost her husband of 10yrs, I ventured out for my first time to  the funeral home.  Not knowing what to say, I said to her, “I don’t know what to say.”  Her response was, “Neither do I”. It broke the ice for us.  We learn daily just as our walk is with Christ daily leaning and learning.

I loved the video of Sheldon though sometimes I feel like that is my conversation with people at times.  How many times am I only focused on what my response will be instead of really listening to the person in front of me!  I am willing to learn more ways to hear with the heart and speak with the heart even if it is silence.