Robin Sprigler

Hi Everyone!  After many days of technical difficulties, I have finally made it in to the forum, thanking God for little victories.

My name is Robin Sprigler, I have been married to Jonathan for 15 years and I have 2 children.  Emily Dutrow is my daughter from my first marriage.  She is a sophomore at University of Louisville studying psychology and math.  My son Ben is in 6th grade at Highland Hills Middle School and loves music, Star Wars, movies and soccer.  I have been a physical therapist for more than 25 years and now work part time for Baptist Floyd in the Corydon outpatient clinic.  I also provide wellness coaching services to small businesses.  I’ve been a certified wellness coach since 2012.  I grew up Presbyterian in WV so I am a transplant.  My parents Dave and Bobbie Bell also moved here to be closer to us and are also active members at St. John’s.  I received my Bachelor’s in physical therapy from the University of Kentucky and my MBA from University of Louisville but am still a WVU fan at heart.  Past work lives include health care consulting for an accounting firm, regional rehab manager for a home health company, hospital PT department director, regional vice president for a private practice PT company as well as an outpatient clinic director.  I have served on the Session at St. John’s for 2 years.  My hobbies include world travel, hiking, backpacking, group exercise at the YMCA, reading fiction, music, singing.

My only exposure to pastoral care was participating in pastoral counseling prior to ending my first marriage, I think there may have been 2-3 sessions as a couple and 1 on my own.  The counselor said “sometimes successful marital counseling does not end in a saved marriage.”  My divorce attorney was recommended highly and encouraged me to stay focused on Emily, not my anger toward my ex-husband which has served me well over the years.

In the teamwork of pastoral care, my “unique gifts” would be that I’m comfortable in a hospital setting around sick or injured people in pain.  I have lived through divorce and found a happier life on the other side.  I have been trained in motivational interviewing as a wellness coach.  I am a mother, a daughter, a wife.  I know what it feels like to be downsized and to lose a dear family member who loved me unconditionally and made me feel special.

Looking forward to learning how to be a better caring presence,