Charles Eiten

Greetings everyone!

My name is Charles Eiten. I work for AT&T as an outside cable tech (thats a fancy way of saying I spend most of my day fixing phone service, internet service, and install business class service). I am married and my wife and I have two wonderful kids – one is in high school – the other in middle school, so as you might imagine I stay pretty busy. For hobbies I enjoy reading, and messing around with radios – I am one of those ‘ham radio guys’.

I have served as a deacon at St John Presbyterian church for the last 3 yrs and part of what I and my fellow deacons do is to minister to home-bound members through visits, and overall to be the ‘face of the church’ to members and visitors alike. I have learned so much from the things I have experienced as a deacon. I hope and believe that this Caring Presence course will show me new ways to reach out to others, to be a more effective listener, and really to have the confidence and tools to stand in the gap for others. I look forward to all this course will have to offer.