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Yes, I wholeheartedly agree that chaplains can sometimes move much too quickly to prayer.  That can become the only or the most used tool in their spiritual care.  This is sometimes out of anxiety about providing deep and real listening.  Of course, we also have to deal with those patients who may assume that’s the only reason we’re in the room and they don’t really want prayer and are just tolerating our presence.  I work to combat the notion of a minister as only wanting to talk to someone about God rather than wanting to talk to them.  Therefore, like Kristin, there was a time when I didn’t offer prayer but only provided it when requested.   Then, I found that some were offended that I didn’t offer prayer.  Now, I approach this with “what else can I do for you as the chaplain,?” which I find gives them to opportunity to claim part of the chaplain role is to provide prayer and for those that don’t want it, prayer is not something I do to them.