Paul C. Edwards


Yes, the tool we use does elicit more than just faith community affiliation (when it works). I am discovering that how the questions are posed have a lot to do with the responses received. A major issue I have had with the way this EMR was launched was that I was not part of the consultation process prior to the build phase. For reasons unknown to me, colleagues from other sister hospitals were a part of that process. Since they, historically, did not utilize similar tools as we did, their input did not capture a lot of things I deemed important.

Just today, a member of staff in Nursing Education identified a glitch in the software, where the needs are identified but the consult never got triggered. Hence, I’m missing opportunities to meet needs. We are working with our support Nurse Informatics folks to fix that! (I had no idea that was happening, although I often wondered why there were not more consults generated via the EMR). Now I know.