This video is awesome! When I worked on a mental health unit, I showed it about once a month in one of my classes . . . patients usually had a big response to it. I then followed it up with her next video “Listening to Shame.” I generally played the videos more for myself than for my patients . . . they are words I need to hear regularly. I love her humor and her truth telling.

In general, I resonated with the idea that we can’t selectively numb our feelings. . . also “I am enough” .. . my pastor gave a powerful sermon on this, and knowing who we are in Jesus, and that we are more than enough. I have started praying every morning on my way to work that I remember I am enough, and that I quit buying the lie that I’m not good enough. It’s pretty awesome being a Lutheran because of our understanding of grace . . . yet I don’t translate that grace to myself.


While I haven’t started reading this book yet, I’m looking forward to it very much. I own just about all of her books, but haven’t finished any of them. I hate self-help books and am hoping that being accountable to others in the class will help me finish it.