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Rick Underwood

Dear Friends,

We are in week 4 and are discussing learnings, questions, reactions to reading Chapter 3 in the Premier and Chapter 8 in Listening and Caring.  There is a great deal in these two chapters.  What are your reactions, best ideas, etc.?  What is your image of spiritual care in Scripture that suits you or that undergirds your thinking and action as a spiritual caregiver?

Paul was a bad person who experienced a profound transformation as the Spirit of Christ encountered and entered him.  His powerful experience with the love of God enabled him to forgive an love himself and out of that love was able to reach out and love his neighbors of walks of life.  Further, it is clear in his writings that he continued to minister to others as a wounded healer.  He was able to accept and integrate both his light and dark sides and was able to invite others to do the same.  While I don’t agree with some of Paul’s theology, I do think his journey relates to my journey as a spiritual care giver.

Would love to hear yours….

What is your response to Bagby’s “Language of Tears” audio?