Joan Weiler


I’ve been out of town for a couple of days.  Trying to pack and move, and keep up with the reading is keeping me quite occupied. I found Chpt three quite challenging with all of the research material that was presented. I did appreciate the research that was done on prayer and the healing process. I found it interesting there was the prayed-for group and the other group not prayed for intentionally.  I also came to understand the variables that could have affected the outcome  of the non-intercessory group. i.e. friends, and others who may be praying for those individuals.

On P. 90 there was mention of “the idea of prayer being offered ‘”for 15 minutes daily for 12 weeks'” as part of a randomized control trial.  Recently I made a retreat in which the question was asked of the director, “What can one do if a loved one needs mental health but doesn’t see the need for it?”

She mentioned that she had a relative who was on drugs and saw no need to give them up. So 10 minutes each day for a year, she prayed, “Wake up,”

After a year that person sought help.  Prayer is indeed healing.