Joy Freeman


I greatly appreciate your candor about your current medical experience.  I think it is enlightening on how in some ways we have moved a great deal from where we were when the book was written and yet it seems in many ways we have not moved so very much.  It strikes me that just like patients personal spiritual background plays a key role in their mental health, it also seems that nurses and physicians openness to spirituality is correlated to their own personal spiritual experience and background.

I also picked up on the bit about pnuema and ruach.  This continues to be a very powerful spiritual/physical concept that I find helpful.  As an participant in martial arts, both Tae Kwon Do that has a much more martial or fighting focus and also Tai Chi that tends to be used in a more meditative focus, breath is key.  Particularly in my tai chi practice I have found that when I can incorporate breath with the meditation and movement I find myself moving more deeply into connectivity to the divine and myself.