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Carolyn Osoinach

Inanimate objects can also be a big comfort.  After my mom died, we had her shirts made into teddy bears and bible covers.  She had some ugly shirts but they made great teddy bears; I have mine in my room and can see it every day, and my children were able to cuddle and hold their bears and feel connected to a grandmother they will never truly know.

We also have an ongoing ritual that has helped in our grief and has brought joy.  Rather than marking the day she died, we continue to celebrate my mom’s birthday every year.  We go out and eat ice cream (her favorite food) for dinner – no veggies, just ice cream!  My kids love this ritual and while they may not always be able to tell you when my birthday is, they can absolutely tell you when my mom’s birthday is!  She would have gotten a kick out of this, and it has brought me joy to find a way to celebrate her life.  It has also given me opportunities to talk to my kids about her and about my own grief.