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Lori Casey BSN MDiv., BCC-PCHAC

Carolyn I meant to thank you for you kind concern for my eye earlier. Mostly I was feeling so cross with myself for hurrying to clean the toilet and carelessly splashing chemicals in my eye. After all, I have been cleaning toilets for decades…lol. Rick thank you for sharing about kids using symbols and objects to indirectly talk about their grief. My experience with children and grief is so limited. In my ministry as a chaplain and even when I was an associate pastor, my contact with grieving children was short term. In the hospital I was focused on memory making such making prints of their loved ones hand(s) on a pillowcase and then tracing the hands of the children around it, etc… Both Dierdre and Carolyn have also given excellent examples of caring well for children in the immediate declining/dying/death timeframe. I was watching “Sleepless in Seattle” last night and was intrigued by a scene between Sam (Tom Hanks) and his young son Jonah (Ross Malinger). Jonah was grieving the death of his mom and Sam was comforting him. Here was their conversation:
Jonah Baldwin: What do you think happens to someone after they die?

Sam Baldwin: I don’t know.

Jonah Baldwin: Like… do you believe in Heaven?

Sam Baldwin: [hesitates] I never did. I mean, the whole idea of an afterlife… But now, I don’t know. ‘Cause I have these dreams. About your mom. And we have these long talks about you and how you’re doing, which she sort of knows, but I tell her anyway. So what is that? That’s sort of an afterlife, isn’t it?

I have never paid much attention to that exchange until this class! What do you all think, would this be a comfort or not? Personally, I was thinking that locating my loved one in the moon temporarily (until faith matured) might be more helpful. Hope you all have had a good 4th week/weekend