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Dierdre Jarrett


I too have not been called on to officiate the service of a child.  I remember years ago attending the funeral of a still born baby. The parents carried the small coffin into the church….   The couple were members of our church and a few Sundays after the funeral the mom ran out of a church during the service.  I went to check on her and I found her in the memory garden.  I sat with her – she showed me her memory necklace – cried for a time and we sat quietly – I don’t remember saying anything wise but I remember it as being the one of the deepest sadnesses I have ever had to help hold… I make referrals to  Compassnate Friends because I so respect their philosophy that their support groups are led by those who have also lost children.

I too have used Tear Soup in my groups – and have given it as a gift.

Thanks for your reflecting –