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Dierdre Jarrett

I came away from this article reminded of how resilient children truly can be, especially when adults support them and honor their grief. I love that her father never answered her difficult theological questions but rather sat with her as she struggled with the questions (her dad would have made a good chaplain) I admit that in my ministry I struggle with why God allows children to lose their parents, what sense could that possibly make?  I am thankful we have a wonderful nonprofit in our community, called New Hope for Kids that provides grief support for kids who have lost important people, often parents. They provide a support group for children to be other children and the adults have a group of their own at the same time. It is amazing that her father was able to be so present with her, even in his own grief. I often encourage adults of children to find other people to support and love their children through a major loss in addition to them (if they are the parents) because the parents are trying to cope with their own grief. I remember in my first unit of CPE we had to draw a picture of the first time we remember hearing or understanding about death. It was my grandpa’s funeral. As I mentioned in another post the wake was in his home for a few days so I had the support of our church and community. We then brought chairs from the church and set them up in the living room for service. I still remember sitting on my dad’s lap for the service. It was the only time I saw my dad cry in all of his 70 years. As the author so eloquently described, having a father who teaches one how to grieve openly, express feelings, and remember, makes it possible for us to indeed continue to have a happy childhood!