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Dierdre Jarrett

It is challenging to help little ones cope when a loved one dies. I really appreciated the helpful language of describing what a dead person cannot do anymore, “cannot eat, or move, etc.” The use of concrete language does go a long way in my experience. Suicide is such a painful loss for those left behind. I remember the explanation a Priest gave when I asked for his thoughts on how to make sense theologically of suicide. He said he didn’t think God would hold people accountable because their brain was ill, and just like God would not fault us if we had heart disease or cancer, God will not fault us if our minds are ill.  I also concentrate on memory making for children.  If they can write down their memories, and if not, an adult can write the memories and the children can draw accompanying pictures. As the children grow older they will have the memory books as a reminder of their loved one.  When my nephew lost his Grandma he was so young he could not write yet so I asked him to tell me what he enjoyed doing with his grandpa and what he remembered about him. He said he liked to go fishing and that his grandpa told great stories. He drew pictures of those activities.  He also shared that his Grandpa was in the war and he drew pictures of that too!