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Carolyn Osoinach

Lori, I really appreciate your observations about the author’s need to locate heaven to a specific spot where she could connect with her mom and still feel her presence, watching out over her from the moon.  I can imagine that grief would have been more difficult for her otherwise.  I appreciated that Michelle was able to find that place for herself, as opposed to the church or her family trying to impose it upon her.  I wonder if that would have been effective, or if it would have ended up just alienating her from the people trying to support her?  That would be my guess – a rejection of an externally imposed “place.”  I wish the author had discussed whether or not her view of heaven today is colored by the comfort and contact she experienced believing her mother was on the moon when she was so young and sad.

I especially appreciate your willingness to share your story about your own mother, and your relief that she is not struggling anymore – that living without her is preferable to living with her in intractable pain.  I have also never struggled with wanting to know precisely and scientifically where my mom’s soul is – I really like how you describe it as “out there somewhere in the presence of God.”  That is exactly the kind of heaven my mom would have wanted to end up in anyway!!

The author was indeed very blessed and lucky to be surrounded by people who supported her and let her grieve, while supporting her and gave her such a solid foundation.