Lori Casey BSN MDiv., BCC-PCHAC

Hi Carolyn, I am Lori Casey RN, Mdiv., BCC-HPCC.  I read the homework but have had a hard time finding where to post and accessing the forum site. Rick and Jason have been very helpful and I have been able to use a direct link from Jason to post. You will see more from me later today as well.  I’m a United Methodist minister/chaplain. I worked for 6 years in a wonderful job as the chaplain on the palliative care team at Baptist Health Lexington. I am on what I am calling a sabbatical now so I can travel with my husband for a year or so. Our hospital is down the street from the Univ. of Kentucky Med Ctr and they have a huge pediatric unit as well as offering pediatric palliative care/hospice care. My work with children comes from working with families in health crisis, dying and death. I have much to learn about helping children grieve and look to learn from you, Rick and Melanie.