Lee Whitlock

I am so please to have the opportunity to be a participant as well as facilitator in this course. I planning on learning more than I than I can possibly give. I have practiced contemplation for several years now and especially in the past few years as you shall see as we go along. Let me tell you a little about myself.

I am a South Carolinian by birth, and I have wandered through the South in search of a p<span class=”st”>ermanent home. I haven’t found one yet, but I’ve been in Kentucky this trip for almost 40 years. I first came to Kentucky in 1968 in pursuit of a M.Div. at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I finally received the degree in 1974. I received my B.A. in English and Math at Georgia State in Atlanta in 1971. After Seminary, I was pastor of churches in North Carolina and then returned to Louisville to do some further graduate work in 1982. Instead of returning to the pastorate, I taught for a few years and then entered the business world. I was a consultant for a several companies, and that opportunity led me to travel to 34 countries and 43 states. </span>

I was led to the contemplative life after having studied under Dr. Glenn Hinson. Amazingly, after almost 40 years, Dr. Hinson has become one of my dearest friends. Each year at my church, Crescent Hill Baptist, Dr. Hinson teaches two courses. Each has covered different areas of his expertise (Church History, Merton’s Theology, Spirituality, New Testament, Revelation, etc.) In addition, I have become a frequent traveler in monasteries in the South. Upon retirement, I became CEO of Beacon House in Louisville. It is a residence for up to 40 men with addiction issues. I served there for three years. Out of that experience, I was able to facilitate a course for the Oates Institute on “Spiritual Care Giving for the Addicted Individuals.”

I look forward to hearing about your pilgrimage, and what led you to want to join in this discussion.