Rose McKeown

I cannot find the thread to introduce myself so am posting here!   I am Rose McKeown

Hi everyone! I am just joining the symposium. I appreciate being to join at this late date! I listened to both presentations today and hope to catch up over the weekend.

I am a Catholic Sister. The name of our Congregation is Adorers of the Blood of Christ. We are an international community. Here in the States we are in Columbia, Pa.; Ruma, Il. and Wichita, Kansas.
I have had religious vows for 53 years. I have been BC chaplain with NACC for 24 years now. Before that, I was Director of Religious Education in several parishes in Southern Illinois and before that I spent seven years in La Paz, Bolivia with our Sisters there. I am seeing some familiar names here in the discussion. Good to be with you again!
As Rick shared today that he is a life-long learner. I can say the same! I am very interested in the topic of this symposium as it touches a reality of our day and something our nursing staff face each day in our ER. Mental Health staff are usually called to be involved in those cases rather than pastoral care staff. We are more involved with the family who is trying to help their loved one. I feel I don’t know enough about how to help and what I have heard thus far in the two conferences I’ve listened to has helped much.
Both speakers today spoke of addiction is a brain disease. In my experience in therapy for adult children of alcoholics and in 12-step meetings, we learned that addiction is a disease. But brain disease was not mentioned nor explained as it was today. And, the inability of the person afflicted to control his/her opioid use and how to talk with and be with someone who suffers from this addiction. I learned much today and hope to pass it on. Looking forward to listening to the recordings