Michael Porter

Thank you Kim.

When I began CPE, I had not experienced a major trauma or significant death in my life like other people in my group had had.  Nor did I have any experience with hospitals except that is were we went to see the doctor for an annual physical.  This was a concern for me and I wondered how I could provide care for someone who was experiencing such events.  The process helped me realize that though I had not had such experience that other described, I did in fact have experiences that from my perspective were traumatic and were major losses.  As I reflected on those and how I felt at the time, I became more sensitive to what someone might be felling.  This helped me be more compassionate and empathetic in my presence.

I agree with what you say about doctors “treating the healing as one-dimensional.”  This is their training.  My sense from the articles is that a multi-dimensional perspective is being included in their education process.  This will add to the doctors’ overall empathetic and compassionate care for people.  This does not mean they are necessarily the experts in spiritual care, but they are sensitized to it and use others – Chaplains – to provided that care.  I believe the holistic care for people happens with a team approach.