Carl Aiken

Deidre and Michael
Thanks for the comments.
I think you both raise and important issue – the inclusion of chaplains in the conversation. May I suggest that to some extent it is our fault? Until recently we have been tardy as a profession to get involved in writing, research and publication. And when we do we tend to write in ‘in house’ journals. While I am overstating a little to make the point, and many good people have tried to contribute.
Tomorrow morning at the Spiritual Care Australia (SCA – not the US one!) conference I will be attending a research seminar, George Fitchett is advocating for research in the US and also running seasons soon. Spiritual Health Victoria and SCA have a member on an international research team working with Fitchett, so it is changing and hopefully growing.
Can I also ask, given that the docs are the gatekeepers for nearly all care, how we co-opt them to include us?