Michael Porter


As part of the care team I do not believe getting permission to share pertinent information for somebodies care is needed to share with the care team.  For instance in the story I shared, I shared with the person’s nurse what I learned, which helped the nurse be more supportive for the person.  I let the person know I would share the information with her nurse and care team.  I the person questions that, we can dialogue about how it would benefit care and healing.

We have daily multidisciplinary care conferences about the people in the ICU.  I make regular rounds in the ICU and interact with people and their family members to try and alleviate the thinking that the Chaplain comes only when things are bad.  I share insights I have gained from with the care team as appropriate.

I work at referring to people as people not patients – for instance a person with cancer, not a cancer patient – a person with cardiac issues, not a cardiac patient etc.  For me this keeps the human element up front.