Carl Aiken

Hi Deirdre

Great work you are doing! There was a cancer hospital in Australia that in the past employed their hospitality staff to do what you describe. The rationale seemed to be that the cleaner/domestic person does ‘normal stuff’ so had time to talk and was more approachable (equality perhaps?). They were the early warning system for the docs and nurses and worked well as part of the team. In our oncology ward at the WCH our hospitality team certainly filled that role.

I think you are right about Catholic health care – here the Calvary system has a Mission Director who advises the CEO on staying true to the core values and briefs of the nuns who began the work.

Rick, Sorry to hear about your brother-in-law. A tough road ahead.

I think you are right – medicine still drives healthcare. Hence some of the consistent cost blowouts. It does matter the approach and philosophy of the docs/nurses/team. In my experience it is very individual. Some teams I worked with were inclusive and welcoming of holistic care, others (to be polite) focused on the ‘science’ – despite the patient first mantra of the hospital. I think sometimes it is the pressure of workload that is at play.

The article is a positive challenge to keep holistic care and spirituality in the conversation.