Dierdre Jarrett

Good Morning!  So sorry to be so late – I am still trying to figure out how to use the site so hope this is the right place to introduce myself.  My name is Dierdre and I work in a community hospital 15 minutes from downtown Orlando, between Universal and Disney, so our patient population is about 25% from out of town, even some from out of the country. I love my ministry, have served as a chaplain in various hospital sizes for 18 years. I am interested in this course because I am passionate about patient care and have taken Oates courses in the past and enjoyed them. Oh, on a personal note,  I am married to Rick, just celebrated 20 years and have a daughter, Grace,  who is looking toward college as she is a junior this year.  And I can’t forget my dog, Cody, he is 8 and unfortunately has a chronic illness, Cushings disease, which is causing me all kinds of challenges, mostly sleep deprivation!  Looking forward to learning with you!