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Lori Casey BSN MDiv., BCC-PCHAC

Hello, I am Lori Casey.  I have been out of the Country so I apologize for this late posting.  I am having a bit of difficulty figuring out where to post things.   I am a nurse and a United Methodist minister.  I have worked for the last six years as the Palliative Care chaplain at Baptist Health Lexington (KY).  I recently quit my job to travel with my husband before he retires (Delta pilot).  I loved my job and miss it very much. We have two adult children 33 & 34 who live in Atlanta, Georgia.  I love to walk, swim, read, sew, travel and especially to work with dying people.

I am looking forward to this seminar as I found working with critically ill and dying patients there is often an end of life desire to know “your life mattered” in some way.  Receiving a blessing is one way to assure people they made a difference/accomplished good/enriched other’s lives. I look forward to our time together.