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Tim Peters

1.  My chief take away was the difference of material and spiritual blessings.  It made me take a step back and think about what is most important in life and what blessings I seek.

2.  My job is to bless others.  The words I share with the hospice patients and their families are to bring life to them.  My listening and way of being with them is to encourage and help them to find hope.  Another aspect of my job is blessing my coworkers and helping them to have full tanks to give to those we serve.

3.  One time I felt blessed was when my friend Joe took time to mentor me and help me with my self esteem.  He encouraged me that I am important and that I matter to him.  I felt better after hearing his words of encouragement at different times.  I learned I can do the same for others.

4. A time a blessing was with held from me was when my dad did not recognize chaplaincy as a valid form of ministry.  I felt bad, and also learned to accept that not everyone understands what chaplaincy is about.

5. Psalm 103 comes to mind about blessing the Lord.  Numbers 6:24-26 come to mind about blessing others.  And the prayer of Jabez comes to mind about asking for a blessing ourselves.  And even in that prayer it is to expand our influence to bless others (my interpretation).

6.  Blessings by Laura Story is a song that I find inspiring.

I like that the song encourages us to think outside the box of what can be blessings.  It helps reframe hard experiences that I have gone through in life.

Blessings, Tim